In Paris, at last.

Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, I realized that I need to fall hopelessly, unabashedly, head-over heels in love with Paris this fall. I mean, it shouldn't be the hardest thing to do, with all the bread and cheese I can eat and beautiful architecture to gawk at. But I need this to happen. I'm going into this knowing that our love affair won't last forever, since winter quarter in Evanston awaits. But somehow, I'm alright with that, realizing it's going to end. It will be terrible, since Paris makes me so darn happy, but at least I will have seen it coming. I never thought being a lovesick fool would do me any good, but right now that seems to be the only cure for the pain I'm feeling.

Okay, Paris, wine and dine me, do your worst. I am strong enough to handle it, and I need some joie de vivre, stat.

But otherwise, I'm here, and ready to get this semester started and to meet my classmates on Wednesday. I can't wait to get into the swing of things!


  1. Let the love affair begin.

  2. Have the time of your life! Make lots of new friends and experience the best Paris has to offer! i know you will.