Would you rather: get groped by the TSA or let them see you nekkid?

I mean, both options sound good to me, but if I had to choose....

I have no idea what the French authorities require at the moment, which is what matters for me next week, and I probably won't until I get to the airport on Tuesday, but I hope it's not the same as it is in the States? Apparently, the TSA body scanners that magically take off all your clothes have some sort of radiation issue, so many passengers are opting out, choosing instead, an "enhanced pat down". Apparently, this pat down is so enhanced that they get ALL up in your business, and can touch your face, chest, behind, and groin with their open hand.

I guess if it's in between getting microwaved in the buff and being molested, I'm going to have to go with the naked body-scanner. I've got nothing to hide, and a little radiation now and again never hurt anybody, right? Right? And I think that the pat down might actually be traumatizing. What's next, cavity searches in the name of security?

I'll leave this be with the words of a brave soul who dared to speak up against his sexual harassers:

"Don't touch my junk. Don't touch my junk. I'll have you arrested if you touch my junk."

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