Hello! I've made it to Barcelona, rested up, ate lunch at a nice Spanish restaurant, and now I'm writing from the common room of my youth hostel, located in the center of town. There is youth...and backpackers...and weed...and very, errr, friendly German men.

This trip should be interesting. It's a nice place, apparently, as far as hostels go, but I've never really "roughed" it in my whole life. So spoiled! But is it so much to ask to have a towel or a blanket in your room? Or a chocolate on your pillow? sob sob sob.

I'm so excited to put to use my Spanish I've picked up from watching Dora the Explorer. Here's a non-exhaustive list that will come in handy for the next 10 days.

-Adios, hasta luego
-Muchas gracias, senor/senora/senorita!
-Yo tengo una fiesta en mi pantalones
-Donde estas la biblioteca?
-ay dios mio!

I can also count to ten. I should be ready to go go go!

Besides that, I'm looking forward to seeing some of the city's architecture. I'm an art nerd. The Picasso museum is a short trip away, and that is a must-see.

Oh, and I guess it's harvest season, so I'd really like to take a trip to a cava vineyard!

Now, on to Tapas! Buenas Noches, homies!

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  1. Hola Alexandra,
    So happy you have arrived in Espana!! Mmmm Tapas sound wonderful enjoy, eat pray love just watch out for the weed and those pesky Germans. Keep it to the tapas and vino and keep us posted along the way.
    Buenas noches